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James K - PET LP


Includes Double-Sided Silk-Screened Poster.

New York native James K has spent the 2010s quietly honing her sound and peculiar aesthetic; equally organic and electronic, her sound is a combination of odd dreams, industrial beats, and vocals, both incomprehensible and appealing, with a thick layer of glitter on top. James K is a concentrated dose of emotion mixed with sorrowful iciness, which in turn ties together ripped, broken, morphed, and enchanted samples. James K stands for a fusion of visual and sonic elements, deeply rooted in both conscious art practice and downright freak-out. James K creates a mythology of her own. Her debut album, Pet, is a co-release by Dial and her own label, She Rocks! In James K's words, "The underlying desire of Pet divides into two parts: an escape into ethereality and a mischievous denial of my own experience. It narrates my search for honest expression by means of the premature denial -- a childish excursion into a world of monstrosity and innocence. Pet reflects my mental state during its production -- as a person, I was owned, objectified and hurt by other, and that wound I then unwillingly internalized. I turned to my music as a way to dissect these thoughts. The product became my possession, or 'pet.' In retrospect, this process gives me strength over myself; love -- knowledge and wisdom enacted. The arrangement of the music and the Pet itself relates to my endless struggle, namely, my attempts to reclaim myself." Pet follows James K's appearance on Dial's 2015 15th-anniversary compilation All (DIAL 032CD) and a 2015 mini-LP from her noise-pop project Seth (with producer Gobby) released on 1080p.